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  VividGear Studios is a creative design oriented business located in Barbados. We pride ourselves on producing cutting-edge motion design that will capture the hearts and minds of your existing and prospective clients / customers. Our collective talent of compositors, animators, graphic designers, composers and videographers aspire to continually deliver high quality creative commercial and personal productions that's just right for your message. We continuously break our own limits and boundaries in order to bring your ideas to life. We're willing and ready to help!  
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  Danny Fenty | The Mographer   Alex Fenty | The Audiographer  
  A hardworking, results-focused individual known for having the ability to remain calm under pressure and who is able to manage difficult situations using a solution-oriented approach. Danny has a keen eye for detail thus ensuring high quality output at all times. With over nine years experience as a software developer and flash animator as well as over seven years experience as a motion graphics artist; his creativity, determination and insight help him to deliver premium products and services that's just right for you.   With a keen sense of hearing and a love for the music industry. Alex has over eight years experience in the music and audio field. He has been known for his melodic and harmonic compositions ranging amidst almost every genre of music, including but not limited to soca, r&b, jazz and orchestral. Apart from music, he enjoys photo editing, movies and psychology.  
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